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John Malone
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BOOK: John Fox Jennens Malone. The Liquid Stirling Engine.
Robert Sier.

Paperback 76 pages. Book size A4.
ISBN 948 0 9526417 2 8
Date published 2008

Published in the UK by L.A Mair

The work of Tyneside engineer John Malone has been largely ignored by standard textbooks on thermodynamics. This first ever biography of the inventor of the liquid heat engine examines the reasons why John Malone chose to develop a revolutionary and previously untried technology using liquids operating at the critical point. This technology with its high operating pressures and temperatures required ground-breaking solutions. Malone faced formidable obstacles, practical and financial. His objective was a fuel efficient marine engine that could lead to an enlargement in cargo carrying capacity; bringing greater profit to the ship owner. Experimental engines were built, in Newcastle, at the Forth Banks works of Messers Hawthorne, Leslie and Co. another at the works of Messers George and Jobling.

Chapter headings

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • John Fox Jennens Malone
  • Operating principles
  • The patent evidance
  • Malone's experimental engines
  • Succes and failure
  • Malone refrigeration
  • Epilogue

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